Hire Products


Khol Domestic Dehumidifier

Ref: DEHU0102

This fantastic dehumidifier is perfect for your home. It is easy to use and is powerful enough to extract 16 litres of water from the air every day


Hitachi Cordless Drill

Ref: DRIL0102

This 9.6v cordless drill is perfect for small DIY jobs around the home, so there is no reason that shelf can’t have pride of place on the wall, or that flat-pack furniture that was bought 18 months ago can’t be assembled. Get cracking!

Tanaka Leafblower Petrol

Ref: LEA02

Characterised by its superior blowing performance (393CFM), robust build-quality and advanced ergonomics, the Tanaka THB 260PF is ideal for intensive commercial use or homeowners seeking the best equipment available. Its powerful but clean-running and fuel efficient 24cc (.85Kw) Pure Fire engine is equipped with a Walbro diaphragm carburettor, an electronic ignition and a fuel primer READ MORE…

SPE BEF200 Floor Scabbler

Ref: FLOO0102

The BEF 200 floor scabbler is ideal for preparing concrete for refinishing, removing surface coatings, concrete reduction and concrete scabbling. With a cutting width of 200mm, the scabbler can be used in conjunction with a Hilti vacuum for dust free operation.

SPE DFG 250 Floor Grinder

Ref: FLO0103

This floor grinder has a dust extraction port for dust free operation when used in conjunction with SPE vacuums. The rear wheels are mounted on a pivoting axle which allows the weight and balance of the machine to be altered according to the job specification and requirements. To aid operator comfort the handle bars are mounted READ MORE…

Floor Buffer and Polisher

Ref: FLO00003

The Numatic HFM 1500 series is perfect for large or small floor cleaning jobs. With the range of speeds available machines can be selected to cover the whole range of floor care maintenance be it scrubbing, polishing, buffing, burnishing or spray cleaning.

Honda Power Float

Ref: FLO00005

This power float features an unusually long, adjustable handle which produces greater leverage and improved operator control, an important consideration when finishing larger areas. The handle, kill switch and guard ring are all industrial chrome plated, making them easy to clean and corrosion resistant. The guard ring is also adjustable, providing the operator with the ability to READ MORE…

Hamm 120 Road Roller

Ref: ROLL0048

Features include: optimum front view due to concaving front end, ergonomic driver platform, modern instrument panel, low machine height, 3-point swivel joint for optimum driving comfort, central suspension point, convenient maintenance and service.

Bomag Roller BW90AD

Ref: ROLL0038

Fields of application: Earthwork and asphalt applications. New construction and repair work for medium and small scale construction projects, on parking lots, sidewalks, cycle paths, playing fields and sports grounds as well as rolling of joints in road construction.