Zero tail swing 5 Ton Yanmar digger

Ref: Yanmar 5 Ton

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Auger (earth drill)


Auger (earth drill) now available from Pierce hire.  This attachment is for 3 tonne digger. Both machines are available to hire from Pierce Hire. 051-853399.

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Takeuchi TB230 3 Tonne power performance

Ref: TB230

The TB230 is a powerful yet compact machine for this popular 3 tonne weight class. With increased power and performance this new Takeuchi provides maximum efficiency on site – featuring many new details, the new TB230 is built for plant hire, ground works and earthmoving.

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Yanmar Vi0 50 (5 Ton)

Ref: DIGG06

The ViO 50  is a true Zero Tail Swing machine: neither the counterweight nor the front part of the upper frame exceed the width of the crawlers.

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Takeuchi TB135 (4 Ton)

Ref: DIGG05

One of Takeuchi’s 100 series range of mini excavators, the TB135 weighs in at 3440kg and offers the operator unparalleled performance and comfort at this weight. The TB135 features two speed travel on rubber tracks and a fully fitted tilting cab, allowing superb access and routine maintenance – the cab also includes an AM/FM radio and READ MORE…

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Takeuchi TB016 (1.5 Ton)

Ref: DIGG01

Lightweight and compact in size the TB016 is ideal for the operator requiring trailer towing.  A powerful and stable ground breakout force makes the TB016 a preferred excavator choice on-site. The unique hydraulically extendable track system adds greater stability to its working depth of 2,375 mm. An ideal machine for landscapers, contractors and DIY jobs. Our READ MORE…

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Yanmar SV08-1 Micro Digger

Ref: DIGG03

The SV08-1 has a new shape for simple and efficient work in confined spaces, a tenacious worker for narrow spots such as housing foundations, indoor renovations, pipe laying and landscaping. The many easy to use features include the comfortable seat with retractable seat belt, sensitive lever controls, a footrest, and uncomplicated lever arrangement.

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Takeuchi TB215R (1.5 Ton)

Ref: DIGG106

Takeuchi’s most popular model , the TB125 offers operators performance and comfort at the most competitive weight of 2800Kg. With two speed travel on rubber tracks and a fully fitted cab which includes AM/FM radio and heater, the TB125 also has a fully tilting cab for superb access and maintenance. The zero tail-swing feature allows READ MORE…

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Takeuchi TB230 (3 Ton)

Ref: DIGG02

The TB230 offers maximum performance with excellent bucket breakout force of 20.9kN and 12.9kN arm digging force, powered by a 17.6kW Yanmar 3 cylinder engine. The new TB230 has plenty of power and greater torque along with a well proven, high performance hydraulic system for greater oil flow for faster cycle times and increased efficiency

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