Log Splitter


Proarc – Pro-Tow

Ref: LOG01

Proarc Ltd. are Ireland’s Original and No.1 Manufacturer of Self Propelled Towable Petrol Log Splitters. All machines come with auto-return, and log cradles as standard. The 20T log splitter is a high output machine which is powered by its own petrol engine. It is mounted on its own trailer which means it can easily be towed by any car. It is fully CE marked and approved, and has a faster cycle time than any tractor mounted log splitter meaning more wood split in a day. It also has a 4 way splitting blade so rather than splitting the wood in half it splits it in quarters thus eliminating the need to pick up the halves and run them through the log splitter a second time. It also features an auto return function which means that once the log is split the ram retracts automatically allowing the operator to get the next log to be split. Not only is this log splitter the fastest and easiest way to split your fire wood but it is also the cheapest, due to its efficient engine it only consumes 1 litre of fuel per hour while splitting. Comes with auto-return feature. This splitter is designed and manufactured solely for the purpose of splitting sawn logs for firewood. Under no circumstances should it be used for any other purpose.

Detailed Spec
Max log length
Wedge cycle time
14 seconds
Max system pressure
Max force applied
18 tonnes
Pump type
Direct coupled gear type
Oil tank capacity
30 litres
Oil Specification
Hydrapam 15 or equivalent non-frothing hydraulic oil
Pump capacity at no load
42.0 I/min
Pump capacity at max pressure
9.5 l/min