Sand & Gravel Prices at Pierce Hire Waterford

Pierce hire are delighted to supplying sand & gravel, cement, blocks, lintels and all types of cast concrete kerbs, capping & soaps. Sand & gravel can be supplied in ton bags, or loose. If you need to hire a trailer for you project, we have a wide selection on-site, including tipper trailers. We also hire cement mixers, compactors, trestles, scaffolding and everything you’ll need to complete a building project of any size

Sand & Gravel Price List

Please note, all prices below are subject to VAT, currently 13.5% for building blocks and bricks and 23% for all other products

Cavity Closers 12" €1.50
Cavity Closers 4" €1.46
Cement Pallet€18.00
Cement per 25kg bag€6.10
Cills per foot€4.07
Concrete Lintel 4" per foot€1.95
Concrete Lintel 6" per foot€2.60
Dust Grit loose per bag€29.27
Dust Grit loose per ton€21.14
Garden Edge 3"€4.47
Gold Chip 14mm 30KG Bag€6.50
Gold Chip 14mm per ton Loose€56.91
Gold Chip per ton bag€65.04
Gravel 25kg€3.25
Gravel Bag Filled 30KG€3.66
Gravel per 1/2 ton loose€14.22
Gravel per 1/4 ton loose€7.11
Gravel per ton bag€36.59
Gravel per ton loose€28.46
Irish Cement per ton bag€6.10
Kerb 10x5"€6.91
Kerb 7x4"€5.28
L Blocks 4" €1.50
Lime per 25kg bag€8.13
Mortar Plasticizer per gallon€6.50
Pea Gravel 30KG Bag€4.87
Pea Gravel per ton bag€40.65
Pea Gravel per ton loose€32.52
Pier Caps 18"€11.38
Pier Caps 22"€12.20
Pier Caps 28"€28.46
Plastering sand per ton€32.52
Plastering Sand per ton bag€37.40
Post Mix 20kg€6.91
Sand & Cement 3:1 mix 25kg€6.50
Sand & Cement per 25kg Bag€6.50
Sand 25kg€3.25
Sand per 1/2 ton€13.01
Sand per 1/2 ton€6.50
Sand per ton bag€36.59
Sand per ton loose€28.46
Screening per 1/2 ton€9.75
Screening per 1/4 ton€4.88
Screening per ton€19.51
Screening per ton bag€27.64
Slabs 18" Cracked Ice Precast€4.47
Slabs 18" Watermark Precast€4.47
Soap Bar 4" €1.32
Soap Bar 6" €1.41
Solid Cavity Block 6" €1.63
Solid Cavity Block 9" €1.72
Solid Concrete Block 4" €0.97
Solid Concrete Block 6" €1.45
Stock Brick(each)€0.57
Stone 2" per ton bag€28.46
Stone 2" per ton loose€20.33
Stone Grit bagged 1 ton 6mm€29.27
Stone Grit loose 1 ton 6mm€21.14
Ton Bag€8.13
Wall Caps x 12"€8.94
Wall Caps x 7"€5.28
Wall Caps x 9"€6.91