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ItemDaily Rate (€)Weekly Rate (€)
Access Platform 12m, P.O.AP.O.A
Access Platform Scissors 7mP.O.AP.O.A
Access Platform self-propelledP.O.AP.O.A
Acro Prop No.1, No. 24.004.00
Air Compressor 25L E30.0090.00
Air Compressor 100L E40.00120.00
Air Compressor 100L Honda40.00120.00
Air Ventilator30.0090.00
Angle Grinder 4”12.0036.00
Angle Grinder 9”15.0045.00
Auger 3”, 7”, 12”65.00195.00
Battery Booster20.0060.00
Bench Saw (E) large50.00150.00
Bench Saw stone, Honda 6hp70.00210.00
Bench Saw, wood35.00105.00
Bitumen Boiler 10 gal40.00120.00
Block & Tackle, 1 ton20.0060.00
Block & Tackle, 2 ton25.0075.00
Block & Tackle, 3 ton30.0090.00
Block Grab45.00135.00
Block Splitter25.0075.00
Blow Torch double16.0048.00
Blow Torch single12.0036.00
Bolt Cutters, large15.0045.00
Bolt Cutters, small12.0036.00
Brick Splitter20.0060.00
Brush Honda 6hp45.00135.00
Carpet Shampooer, industrial30.0090.00
Carpet Stretcher9.0027.00
CAT Scan & Transmitter (Pipes)70.00210.00
CAT Scan (Cable)45.00135.00
Cat Walks 20”30.0030.00
Cement Mixer, diesel 10/742.00126.00
Cement Mixer, tip-up20.0060.00
Chimney Rods (10)8.0024.00
Circular Saw 7”20.0060.00
Circular Saw 9”25.0075.00
Clamp Flooring15.0045.00
Clamp Sash7.5022.50
Compactor Diesel50.00150.00
Compactor Jumping Jack petrol40.00120.00
Compactor Plate35.00105.00
Compressor c/w 1 Jack Hammer60.00180.00
Compressor c/w 2 Jack Hammers80.00240.00
Concrete 6” Cube Tester-------15.00
Concrete Bench Saw (stone)70.00210.00
Concrete Road Saw 18”45.00135.00
Concrete Saw 12”30.0090.00
Concrete Saw 14”45.00135.00
Crow Bar2.006.00
Cut Off Saw (steel)28.0084.00
Dehumidifier Domestic12.0036.00
Dehumidifier Industrial35.00105.00
Demolition Breaker Bosch40.00120.00
Demolition Breaker Hydraulic50.00150.00
Demolition Hammer Bosch30.0090.00
Demolition Hammer Hilti 90540.00120.00
Diamond Blade 12”12.0036.00
Diamond Blade 14”20.0060.00
Diamond Blade 18” concrete26.0078.00
Digger 0.80 tonP.O.AP.O.A
Digger 1.5 ton ExcavatorP.O.AP.O.A
Digger 3 tonP.O.AP.O.A
Digger 5 tonP.O.AP.O.A
Drill 8mm steel/wood11.0033.00
Drill 13mm steel/wood15.0045.00
Drill Bit Mag Drill per mm0.25---------
Drill Bit Masonry per mm0.150.15
Drill Cordless large24.0072.00
Drill Cordless small16.0048.00
Drill Hilti TE1622.0066.00
Drill Hilti TE7035.00105.00
Drill Magnetic c/w stand30.0090.00
Drill Right Angle Chuck25.0075.00
Dumper 1m Wide High Tip85.00255.00
Dumper 4WD 3 ton Swivel100.00300.00
Dumper 4WD 6 ton 120.00360.00
Dumper 9 Ton 150.00450.00
Dumper Muck Truck50.00150.00
Electric Impact Wrench 0.520.0060.00
Electric Impact Wrench 0.7526.0078.00
Extension Lead 220/110v4.0012.00
Extension Lead Welding2.507.50
Fence, Security 3.5m8.008.00
Fertilizer Spreader15.0045.00
Fire Hydrant Hose & Nozzle10.0030.00
Fire Hydrant Stand Pipe20.0060.00
Floodlight double 1000 watt5.0015.00
Floodlight single 500 watt3.009.00
Floodlight Tower halide100.00300.00
Floor Board Clamp10.0030.00
Floor Board Nailer25.0075.00
Floor Grinder (stones extra)40.00120.00
Floor Polisher28.0084.00
Floor Sander (drum type)40.00120.00
Floor Sander edging30.0090.00
Floor Sander square buff c/w vacuum40.00120.00
Floor Scabbler (flails extra)70.00140.00
Footpath Roller20.0060.00
Forklift 2.5t diesel95.00285.00
Garden ShredderP.O.AP.O.A
Gas Cylinder 25lb0.650.65
Gas Cylinder 75lb1.301.30
Generator 2.2kva30.0090.00
Generator 6kva Diesel50.00150.00
Generator 10kva (3 phase)70.00210.00
Generator 10kva (single phase)80.00240.00
Generator 20kva 100.00300.00
Generator 30kva 100.00300.00
Generator 40kva 120.00360.00
Gin Wheel & Rope8.0024.00
Glass Suction Pad6.0018.00
Heat Gun9.0027.00
Heater, electric 3kw6.5019.50
Heater, gas 140000btu30.0090.00
Heater, Infrasun VAL 6 oil50.00150.00
Heater, oil 100000btu30.0090.00
Hedge Trimmer, 30” petrol30.0090.00
Hilti Gun20.0060.00
Hydraulic Breaker50.00150.00
Impact Wrench 0.75 electric30.0090.00
Impact Wrench 13mm electric20.0060.00
Jack Trolley 3t15.0045.00
Jack Trolley 20t kit50.00150.00
Jig Saw18.0054.00
Jumping Jack Compactor38.00114.00
Junction 110v 4 way5.0015.00
Kango Breaker40.00120.00
Kango Floor Tool10.00--------
Kango Hammer30.0090.00
Knapsack Sprayer12.0036.00
Ladder 20ft15.0045.00
Ladder 30ft22.0066.00
Ladder Roof14.0042.00
Ladder, step 6ft12.0036.00
Ladder, step 8ft15.0045.00
Ladder, step 10ft18.0054.00
Ladder, step 12ft18.0054.00
Lawn Edger (P)30.0090.00
Lawn Mower, meadow60.00180.00
Lawn Mower, self-propelled30.0090.00
Lawn Scarifier 30” Honda40.00120.00
Level Dumpy auto30.0090.00
Level, laser40.00120.00
Line Maker Paint11.0033.00
Log Splitter Honda Motorized Trailer Model70.00210.00
Machine Moving Skates (4)40.00120.00
Magnetic Drill on stand30.0090.00
Measuring Wheel15.0045.00
Metal Detector16.0048.00
Mitre Saw, Makita36.00108.00
Moisture Meter16.0048.00
Nail Gun, floor, manual25.0075.00
Nail Gun, Hilti20.0060.00
Nail Gun, paslode30.0090.00
Needle Gun30.0090.00
Paint Sprayer, Hero industrial100.00300.00
Pallet Truck22.0066.00
Per extra dye5.005.00
Pipe Bender, conduit & copper, bench28.0084.00
Pipe Bender, conduit & copper, hand15.0045.00
Pipe Bender, hydraulic45.00135.00
Pipe Cutter 2”8.0024.00
Pipe Cutter 4”20.0060.00
Pipe Freezing Kit, electric45.00135.00
Pipe Pressure Tester25.0075.00
Pipe Stoppers 4” - 6”4.004.00
Pipe Stoppers 9” - 12”10.0010.00
Pipe Stoppers 15” - 18”20.0060.00
Pipe Threader 0.5” - 2” on stand50.00150.00
Pipe Threader 0.5” - 4” on stand100.00300.00
Pipe Threader 0.5” - 2” electric35.00105.00
Pipe Vice & stand14.0042.00
Poker Vibrator petrol 1” - 2” P/E36.00108.00
Polisher, floor28.0084.00
Pop Riveter large10.0030.00
Pop Riveter small4.0012.00
Post Hole Borer 3”, 7”, 12” 65.00195.00
Power Float 30”45.00135.00
Power Float 36”55.00165.00
Power Planer 4”22.0066.00
Power Screed 10”Magic60.00180.00
Power Washer 1500psi petrol40.00120.00
Power Washer 2300psi petrol55.00165.00
Rakes (Garden & Tarmac)6.0018.00
Road Cones Large (1 metre)3.003.00
Road Crossing Plates (20mm) 1 week only-------30.00
Road Cutting Saws 14” - 18”45.00135.00
Road Flashing Lamps3.003.00
Road Line Marker11.0033.00
Road Roller 65 ped70.00210.00
Road Roller 90, ride-on90.00270.00
Road Roller 120, ride-on100.00300.00
Road Signs5.005.00
Road Stop/Go Signs 5.0015.00
Rock Breaker 1.5t80.00240.00
Rock Breaker 3t95.00285.00
Roller (Star footpath)20.0060.00
Roller, garden10.0030.00
Rotavator 5hp40.00120.00
Rotavator 8hp60.00180.00
Rubbish chutes 1m 10.0010.00
Safety Harness15.0045.00
Sander 4” belt20.0060.00
Sander edging30.0090.00
Sander finishing15.0045.00
Sander floor 8”40.00120.00
Sander orbital15.0045.00
Sander palm7.5022.50
Sander square buff c/w vacuum 40.00120.00
Saw Bench 10” wood35.00105.00
Saw Cut-Off steel 12”30.0090.00
Saw Mitre Makita36.00108.00
Scabbler 3 head (air) and pole35.00105.00
Scabbler floor70.00210.00
Scaffold Castors (set of 4)7.0021.00
Scaffold Hoist, electric45.00135.00
Scaffold Planks 8ft1.001.00
Scaffold Plastering Trestles6.006.00
Scaffold Staging Boards 20ft30.0030.00
Scaffold Tower 20ft, aluminium 8x360.00120.00
Scaffold Tower 20ft, aluminium 8x560.00120.00
Scaffold Trestles6.006.00
Screw Gun dry wall25.0075.00
Screw Gun TECK25.0075.00
Screwdriver Electric25.0075.00
Seed Spreader15.0045.00
Sewer Rods 108.0024.00
Sewer Rods per extra 104.0012.00
Shovels & Spades2.006.00
Site Barrier8.008.00
Site Level Dumpy30.0090.00
Site Level Laser40.00120.00
Slate Ripper3.009.00
Sling & Shackle 3t7.0021.00
Spray Gun air20.0060.00
Spray Gun Hero Airless100.00300.00
Staple Gun6.0018.00
Star Roller20.0060.00
Steam Cleaner85.00255.00
Stilson large5.0015.00
Stippling brush large12.0036.00
Stippling brush small8.0024.00
Stock c/w 1 dye10.0030.00
Strapping Machine20.0060.00
Sweeper 6hp Honda45.00135.00
Sweeper to fit forks 13hp120.00360.00
Tarmac Rake6.0018.00
Tech gun25.0075.00
Tile Cutter electric diamond30.0090.00
Tile Cutter Sigma large25.0075.00
Tile Cutter Sigma medium20.0060.00
Tile Cutter Sigma small14.0042.00
Tiller 5hp40.00120.00
Tiller 8hp60.00180.00
Toe Jack 10 ton40.00120.00
Traffic Lights (battery)75.00225.00
Trailer 10' – 5' c/w skids30.0090.00
Trailer Double Axle 4' – 8'26.0078.00
Trailer Single Axle 4' x 6'20.0060.00
Trailer Tipping50.00150.00
Trailer Transporter 14' x 6'6”50.00150.00
Transformer 3kva4.0012.00
Transformer 5kva7.0021.00
Transformer 10kva16.0048.00
Turf cutter60.00180.00
Tyrolean gun8.0024.00
Vacuum cleaner, domestic16.0048.00
Vacuum cleaner, industrial30.0090.00
Walkie Talkie set of 2 c/w charger30.0090.00
Wall chaser c/w vacuum60.00180.00
Wallpaper stripper c/w perforator2060
Water Pump 1”20.0060.00
Water Pump diesel 55.00165.00
Water Pump electric 2”28.0084.00
Water Pump petrol 2”28.0084.00
Water thrash pump 2” sludge35.00105.00
Weed Eater 42cc35.00105.00
Welder 200amp inverter28.0084.00
Welder 200amp petrol50.00150.00
Welder 300amp Mosa70.00210.00
Wheel Barrow8.0024.00
Wheel Barrow motorised50.00150.00
Wood ChipperP.O.AP.O.A
Wood Chipper GreenMech250.00600.00
Wood Chipper Camon Grinder150.00450.00

Last updated 25th October 2016.